What's 'Emonitor' ?

'Emonitor' stands for Electricity Monitor. It is a service provided by physical plant workers who record the readings on electricity meters located in Calvin College's dorm residences. The recorded readings are linked to this web page and displayed for the convenience of residents.

Why are you doing this?

We feel that as a community we must become more accountable for our energy use. We are constantly pestered about being environmentally conscious, but often lack a basis for evaluating our behavior. Emonitor provides this basis for our behaviour.

What's a kW-hr?

'kW-hr' stands for kilowatt-hour. It is a unit of measuring energy and is a common unit for measuring electrical energy. The electricity meters in the residence halls measure electricity in kW-hr.

What's up with the green, orange, and red zones on the gauges?

Each dorm on campus has its own unique electricity usage goal. This goal is an expected electricity usage amount that is determined by many factors, such as historical electricity meter trends and number of residents. The green zone in each gauge means the dorm is operating under the goal--above average. The orange zone indicates the dorm is not meeting the goal, but is within 25% of it--average. The red zone indicates the dorm is more than 50% from its goal--below average or poor.

Above Average


Below Average/Poor


A Tool for Monitoring Electricity Usage by Calvin College Dormitories